Dinner At

Wayside Cottage

With 30 years catering & cheffing experience, Trish is looking forward to offering dinners as an option at Wayside Cottage.

At the moment however, we are expending all our energy on giving you the best B & B experience and at the same time, upgrading the property as and when occupancy levels allows.  Watch this space for information about dinners – they are coming!  If you would like to arrange a dinner for a minimum of 8 guests, please contact us and we can discuss the possibilities.  Dinner is offered on one night as part of the 2 day special event package.  Please contact us for details.

goats cheese terring

gravadlax with dill sauce and pickled cucumber

pan roasted seabass with lemon beurre blanc

pear, wlanut, roquefort and endive salad

seafood risotto and prawns

prawn and watermelon salad with sweet chilli sauce